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My god! it’s massive!

I’m really surprised at how tall it is looking.

don’t get me wrong: I love it!!!


This is the bathroom with the concrete slab laid, you can aslo see the damp proof layer and the timber that forms the base for the walls

on top of the concrete goes polystyrene insulation and then a cement screed.

This is Mathew laying chippings in preperations for the concrete slab,insulation, damproof membrane and cement screed that will make up the floor.

dodgy panarama

Don’t know what this was for, ‘just trying to avoid doing the recycling…

I’ve had a problem with a slowly leaking lead pipe that was hidden at the bottom of wall at the rear of the existing extension. Even after a week of sunshine (technical name in Swansea: A Drought) the foundations looked like a council swimming pool. Over the weekend the problem got worse, with the drip ,drip, drip becoming a trickle. So I did some research to find out how to solve this problem, found out what products were available and how to seal a lead pipe, I checked out forums and advice from professional plumbers…… Then I gave my dad a ring and he came and sorted it for me.

He’s  soldered it temporarily and now we’ll get a plumber in to attach a copper pipe to it and we’ll run it under the floor to provide water to the new utility room. I was initially concerned with the pipe being lead but apparently 40% of these types of domestic feeds are still lead and the price of stripping  it out would be far too expensive. The amount of lead in your water supply also depends on the acidity of the water, so when the work is done, I’ll get a water testing kit to reassure myself (okay, to reassure Angie)

The guys did  a fair bit of work yesterday building up the walls around our sunken terrace, this wall was a bit too high so Brendan agreed straight away to take off a couple of courses, although Mathew said that if I kept on making decisions like this he wouldn’t talk to me anymore ;-(

So here we have the foundations of the extension completed.

On the left you can see the walls where the utility room and bathroom are going to be: they’re going to be tiny!

Tomorrow the guys are going to be working on retaining walls for the patio (terrace sounds even more pretentious than patio!)

they are also going to be fixing a hole in the sewer. Which they don’t know about yet…



The brickie has been able to lay some blockwork today for the foundations,

We had a slight snag as the wall to our neighbours extension is not parallel to ours, luckily I was off work today, and asked them to put a step in the wall to retrieve the potentially lost space. The bathroom is going to be quite tight as it is. I didn’t want to be sitting on the loo with my feet dangling in the bath.

Apparently I need pictures so people know who to vote for


I am reliably informed by my wife that the green thing circled is a cement mixer, but really it could just as easily be a garishly coloured brontosaurus