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Annother Update

Wow, it’s been a while, I’ve been very busy sorting out kitchens and laying a slate floor, Man has that been hard work! it’s been worth it though: the slate looks great, even if the cutting is a bit dodgy in places.

I’ve also included a few outdoor shots of:
The roof, it’s really growing now.
The new sink, it’s really useful having a really big sink and the oak work surfaces are fab.
My trendy new outdoor light.


catch up

Here are some piccies of our new rooms. Brendan and Mathew finished today, it’s just roofers and plumbers that  need to finish things now. things are a bit chaotic here at the moment and my photos really don’t do things justice Brendan and Mathew have done a fantastic job and brought things in on budget.

Our new window frames.

The window frames are brilliant, they are painted with Petrol blue Optimal paint (viking super paint) all the hinges and handles are brushed steel and look very slick.

We have a Green Roof

Jon the roofer, his son and the Guy with the Mohawk* have worked abut 12 hours today fitting(?) our green roof, It looks awsome and Angie and myself keep saying “Wow it’s really green” There’s lots of trim to go on but it’s seriously starting to take shape now.

The first windows arrived today and we got to pick a colour, they are fantastic and are going to look brilliant. Brendan is a bit dubious about the colour we’ve chosen but I think (well, hope) that they are going to work, Brendan is doing an amazing job keeping everything co-ordinated and right now we couldn’t be more pleased with how things are going. Except Millie who wants her garden back…

*sorry Guy with Mohawk, I’ll have to find out your name tomorrow…

Finished shingle.

Oi Millie, that’s the best camera! (Click the image for my reaction)


Angie loves the ceiling height.

The ceilings are really high, but it’s hard to capture in the photos.

I increased the angle of the roof so that we would see more of the planting from the garden, as a result the ceiling heights are that little bit higher than usual.

New slideshow of where we are…

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All the roof joists are in ( with a hole ready for the Velux). The frame is mostly finished now, just the interior walls to go…

The work so far, we now have the 2 side walls up.

pretty soon it’ll look like this:

well like this but good…