Annother Update

Wow, it’s been a while, I’ve been very busy sorting out kitchens and laying a slate floor, Man has that been hard work! it’s been worth it though: the slate looks great, even if the cutting is a bit dodgy in places.

I’ve also included a few outdoor shots of:
The roof, it’s really growing now.
The new sink, it’s really useful having a really big sink and the oak work surfaces are fab.
My trendy new outdoor light.


3 responses to “Annother Update

  1. Vlad the Impala

    Nice grouting there. By the way, I think you have moles on the roof.

    I can come and get them for you if you like – I have some land mines now the bottom’s dropped out of the market for them. 🙂

  2. hey, just came across your site while researchin green roofs. the job looks great ,well done! I’m doing a similar size extension on my own place and was wondering what size joists you put in underneath to take the weight of the green roof? Also if you dont mind me asking is there much of a price difference between that and a traditional roof system. The slate floor looks great, I’m sure there’s an abundance of natural slate over there in Wales, what thickness of slate did you put down on the floor, is it a rough or smooth finish on the top, cant tell from the photos? Anyway keep up the good work, hope to hear back from you.

    • Happy to help!

      it’s been a great project and we’ve really enjoyed it.

      I’ve got some time off work this week so I’ll be posting more…

      in the meantime the roof joists I’ve used are pretty hefty 220*50mm at 400mm centres, you can find a basic plan and cross section on the first page of this blog. (that’s about 9′ by 2′ at 18′ centres.)

      I paid for a structural engineer to design the frame(£700!), but really, with hindsight all I needed to know was what joists at what centres. if your span is more than 4m then you will need to support is in the middle somewhere.

      The slate is about £30 a square metre and is Chinese ! I REALLY wanted welsh but cost £70 a metre(even in Wales!!!!), Brazilian is cheaper but you only get a strip down the middle of the room! (sorry). It varies in thickness from about 10-15mm is easy enough to lay if you take your time. The surface varies from tile to tile some are very smooth, some rough. That said, none of it have sharp edges, I’ve got a toddler and a baby neither of whom have had any problems with the floor. I’m quite pleased with it.

      With regards to the green roof, I was lucky enough to find a contractor locally who did the whole job, I had trawled the Internet looking for someone to lay the roof and had all but settled for a company in Gloucester when completely by chance I found a company to do it based, literally at the end of my road: Jon Collins Roofing, he’s a bit bonkers but a good bloke!

      In the end we paid about £4000 for the roof including all the aluminium flashing etc. I think it would have been about £2500 for fibre glass, but you’d have to find alternate ways to insulate and it’s ugly.

      If you’ve got any more questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

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