We have a Green Roof

Jon the roofer, his son and the Guy with the Mohawk* have worked abut 12 hours today fitting(?) our green roof, It looks awsome and Angie and myself keep saying “Wow it’s really green” There’s lots of trim to go on but it’s seriously starting to take shape now.

The first windows arrived today and we got to pick a colour, they are fantastic and are going to look brilliant. Brendan is a bit dubious about the colour we’ve chosen but I think (well, hope) that they are going to work, Brendan is doing an amazing job keeping everything co-ordinated and right now we couldn’t be more pleased with how things are going. Except Millie who wants her garden back…

*sorry Guy with Mohawk, I’ll have to find out your name tomorrow…


2 responses to “We have a Green Roof

  1. Brendans Better Half

    I wish he was as good at co-ordinating things at home. Brendan and I have lived in our house for 11 years and I am still waiting on door handles.

  2. Door handles are overrated…

    Just do what Angie does and threaten to do it yourself. It’s amazing how effective seeing Ang with a hammer is at getting me off the sofa…

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