The work so far, we now have the 2 side walls up.

pretty soon it’ll look like this:

well like this but good…


6 responses to “

  1. will you be installing a barbeque pit big enough for entire cows ?

  2. well, i’ve got one of these

    for anything bigger (cows, 6 year olds, tories (;-)) i’ll just have to improvise.

  3. Let’s not get political! well actually, I supose now is a good time really. Which way is your swingometer leaning?xx

  4. That’s a damn fine idea.

  5. Vlad the Impala

    I remember the barbecue. My back remembers the barbecue. My fingers (the ones that are left) remember the barbecue too.

    Vlad the Crippled

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